Gyoza Cooking Method

Our Gyoza are made with all natural ingredients, with no added flavouring, colouring, or MSG.

We carefully select a thin Gyoza pastry and shape our Gyoza with a wide, flat bottom.

These two unique characteristics enable our Gyoza to be fried a rich.golden crisp more easily.

We recommend the following step to cook our Pork, Chicken, or Vegetables Gyoza.


Place a few frozen gyoza pieces on non-stick frying pan, turn heat up to medium.


Pour water (hot water recommended) onto pan, covering up to one-third of gyoza’s height.


Turn heat up to high, cover pan with lid in order to steam the gyoza for 3minutes,


Drain the pan to remove excess water, make sure the pan is dry.


Reduce heat back to medium, pour a small amount of sesame oil onto pan.


Keep frying until the gyoza skin is golden and crispy. Serve and arrange gyoza bottom (crispy) side up.


We are starting online store soon

I believe that lots of people are starting to cook at home more frequently due to the covud-19 crisis.

For people that are not used to cooking or isn’t very good at cooking, coming up with an everyday menu may not be easy.

Most people will go to instantly cooked foods but that gets repetitive too and is unhealthy.

To solve this dilemma, Shinwa Food is starting an home delivery service where you can order restaurant quality meal online.

We are currently working on our website for this service so stay tuned.
The home delivery we are currently doing is a limited time offer.

It is sized for restaurant services so it may be slightly inconvenient but does come slightly cheaper.

When our online services start we will have retail sized items available too.

I will upload pictures of some of our items so please have a look.

Chicken Gyoza 20piece
Pork Gyoza 20piece
Spicy Chicken Bite 500g
Chicken Karaage 500g

I’m looking to upload some recipes usings our items on this blog in the near future so please try that at home too.









How to perfectly cook our pumpkin udon

We are introducing steps to perfectly cook and enjoy our pumpkin udon at home.

1. Take the frozen udon out of the freezer and move it to the refrigerator to defrost.
2. Prepare a large pot and fill it with plenty of water, then heat it until boiling.
3. Loosen up the defrosted udon by hand then add it to the boiling water. Cook it for 3 minutes. Make sure the water is boiling the whole time.
4. Strain the udon and wash it thoroughly with cold tap water.

If you follow these steps the udon preparation is done. When making a cold udon dish just simply add whatever sauce to the prepared udon.

We’ll also share a very standard Japanese udon recipe.

<kake udon>
Udon – 1 serving
Yamasa kombu tsuyu – 60ml
Water – 300ml

Yamasa Konbu Tsuyu

1. Mix the kombu tsuyu and water in a pot and heat it up to make broth.
2. Prepare the udon then plate it in a bowl.
3. Pour the hot broth over the udon.

Shallots and wakame seaweed are classic toppings for this dish but you can add whatever you like as a topping.

I will share more recipes on this blog in the future.






<かけうどん> 材料
ヤマサ昆布つゆ 60cc
水  300cc
うどん 1玉



About retail services at our restaurant and home delivery

Due to the impacts of the Covid-19, our restaurant is currently open for takeaway services only. We’re so grateful that our restaurant is still able to receive orders through delivery services and on the phone.

This current situation is seeming to last for a while. So as a way to minimise the time and stress thats required for home cooking, we are now selling frozen Japanese foods. These items that we are selling is made in our factory and is used in restaurants all across Australia. They will be available for sale at our restaurant, also free home delivery is available to selected suburbs near our factory.

<list of items>
Pork Gyoza 50 pieces $19
Chicken Gyoza 50 pieces $19
Dashimaki Tamago 500g $5
Teriyaki Chicken 1Kg $16
Chicken Karaage 1Kg $16
Tsukune Balls 30 pieces $20
Pork Belly Chashu 1kg $19
Spicy Chicken Bites 1kg $19
Teba Gyoza 3 pieces $5
Handmade Udon 140g x14 servings $18

This service and prices are only available for a limited time.

新型コロナウィルスによるロックダウンにより当社レストランのIzakaya Gomaにおいてもテイクアウトのみの営業となっています。



ポーク餃子 50個 $19
チキン餃子 50個 $19
出し巻き卵 500g $5
照り焼きチキン 1kg $16
鳥の唐揚げ 1kg $16
つくね 30個 $20
豚バラチャーシュー 1kg $26(1パック 2kg前後)
スパイシーチキンバイト 1kg $19
手羽餃子 3個 $5
手打ちうどん140g x14 $18


Rolled Pork Belly for Ramen

We are selling rolled pork belly for ramen chashu.

Fully cooked frozen Chashu is already a very popular item of ours, and we would still like you to try it out.

Pork belly chashu

However, we recommend raw rolled pork belly to customers who prefer to use the broth as a soup base or use their own recipe.

Rolled pork belly

Our pork belly have these advantages:

  1. Lower purchasing cost because of our purchasing power (we buy more than 1 ton a week).
  2. Increased productivity by making a large amount of Chashu at any one time.
  3. High skill level of production staff, and stable supply.

Usually, restaurants have to make do with a lot of preparation time in a limited space.
After processing raw meat, it is necessary to clean and sterilize the cutting board and work bench.

In addition, part-time workers are often replaced, and especially any work using kitchen knives takes time to learn, and rolling pork belly by untrained staff will result in roll shapes and sizes that vary.

Our pork belly rolls can be cooked immediately without using any working space.

We urge you to please try it once; we can deliver directly to you at a very competitive price.

We also sell pork belly to customers who have particular needs regarding the size of the rolled chashu.

We can offer this service at the best price too, taking advantage of our strengths in procurement and high staff skills.










Teriyaki Tofu

Our Teriyaki Tofu is most suitable for sushi roll, salad and poke bowl.

Teriyaki Tofu Avocado roll

This is vegan-friendly item, so you can incorporate this into your vegan menu.

Teriyaki Tofu Salad

It is very easy to use: simply defrost in fridge then lightly reheat in microwave or boiling water.

Our Teriyaki Tofu

Vegan food is in inreasingly high demand in Australia.

Teriyaki Tofu Barachirashi

Please contact us and we can bring a sample to you.







Recommended Japanese Dashimaki Tamago Sandwich

There are many cafes in Sydney. We have previously introduced a sandwich using our Dashimaki Tamago in our blog, but now I would recommend it again.

Our Dashimaki Tamago is made by hand, not by machine. We use plenty of broth seasoned with bonito (dashi), which makes it sweeter.

It is perfect for sushi, sushi roll, and bento box. If you heat it up slightly, it will become fluffy and more delicious.

I highly recommend sandwiches made with our Dashimaki Tamago.

Lightly toast a soft bread, and coat it with butter, mustard, mayonnaise. Cut the Dashimaki Tamago into the size of the bread and place it into the sandwich.

It is a popular sandwich in Japan, but we don’t often see it in Sydney.

Dashimaki Tamago made with plenty of dashi broth is very difficult to make, so please try our Dashimaki Tamago.







Our products list

We have recently procured a delivery truck.

We are expanding our direct sales network to customers in the Sydney area.
Here I would like to detail our current product list.

(Frozen Food)
Dashimaki Tamago 500g
Dashimaki Tamago 400g
Atsuyaki Tamago 500g
Kinshi Tamago 250g
Rolled Pork Belly Chashu
Rolled Pork Belly Chashu Large
Japanese Pork Gyoza 50p
Japanese Chicken Gyoza 50p
Japanese Vegetables Gyoza 50p
Teriyaki Chicken 1kg
Chicken Wing Gyoza 3p
Spicy Chicken Bites 1kg
Japanese Fried Chicken 1kg
Japanese Chicken and Pork Meatball 30p
Teriyaki Beef 1kg
Vegetable Curry 2kg
Tomato Sauce 180g
Black Garlic Oil for Ramen 1kg

Dashimaki Tamago
Kinshi Tamago
Pork belly chashu
Pork Gyoza
Chicken wing Gyoza

(Chilled Food)
Soft Boiled Egg 30p
Marinated Soft Boiled Egg 30p

Marinated soft boiled egg

(Fresh Meat)
Pork Belly
Rolled Pork Belly
Pork Collar Butt (Shoulder)
Chicken Breast

600g Cage Egg 180p
700g Cage Egg 180p

(Vegetables and Cut Vegetables)
We can supply according to your needs.

Please contact us for any request, thank you!


出汁巻き玉子 500g
出汁巻き玉子 400g
厚焼き玉子 500g
錦糸玉子 250g
豚バラチャーシュー 大
ポーク餃子 50個入り
チキン餃子 50個入り
野菜餃子  50個入り
照焼きチキン 1kg
手羽先餃子 3個入り
スパイシーチキン唐揚げ 1kg
鶏の唐揚げ 1kg
つくねボール 30個入り
照焼きビーフ 1kg
野菜カレー 2kg
トマトソース 180g

味付け煮卵 30個入り
煮卵 30個入り


600g 180個入り
700g 180個入り


Caterling and events food prepare

Our company attended to offer some catering and events food ingredients.

Recently we got order and making Japanese agar for dessert.

Making Kanten Agar

In Sydney have many Japanese dessert cafe and most popular item is Matcha. Many Japanese restaurants using Matcha powder making desserts.

Meanwhile a Japanese supplier out of stock Japanese agar then a Japanese cafe confuses.

The agar made in Japan and it’s already dice cut and ready to use.

Fortunately we can get agar ingredients so we are making it and supplies to customer these few weeks.
A while ago we supplied to catering company our soft boiled egg too. They used it ramen festival.

If you have schedule open event or catering please contact to us!

Japanese Udon noodle

The news is constantly bad every day, but let’s get over it with positive thinking.

Our restaurant, Izakaya Goma, sells handmade pumpkin udon.
Many restaurants are using frozen boiled udon noodle from Japan, but I think the Japanese Yen will appreciate (against the Australian Dollar) and hence the price of imported goods will increase in the future.

We use special flour that combines Australian flour with Japanese udon.
The resulting noodles are rich in taste with a firm aroma of wheat.

Hand made pumpkin Udon

Pumpkin udon is used as an original udon and can be used as a normal white udon.

Please try the texture, unique to handmade noodles.
We sell these handmade udon, so if you are interested please contact us. We will gladly provide you with a sample.