Delivery lunch Box in Mount Druitt

Delivery Japanese lunch box in Mt Druitt.

We are operating Japanese food company in Mt Druitt and we are doing Japanese lunch box catering on weekdays.

Our lunch box price are quite reasonable.

Please see the menu!

<All bento boxes come with instant miso soup>

How to Order:

• Delivery available Monday to Friday, from 10:30am to 11:30am (however, no delivery on Public Holiday)

• Minimum order is THREE (3) bento boxes

• Please send email to OR text at 0424 142 842 before 09:30am for same day delivery

• Please include in your email/text:

o Your name

o Contact number

o Delivery address

o Your bento boxes order

o Delivery date (if not same day delivery)

• Payment by cash only please


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