improve the situation.

8th of March 2020, Australia is still suffering from the negative repercussions of last years’ drought, bushfire, and the ongoing threat of COVID-19. I am thinking about the future and I what I have to do.

List of negative repercussions:

1、Food cost prices are rising.

2、Import food prices are rising from the strong yen and tax increase.

3、Australia immigration are restricting entries from overseas and many students cannot enter the country now. Consequently, restaurants are sufferring from reduced numbers of customers.

4、It is more difficult to find students who are available to work

For the restaurant industry, there isn’t any good news. But there’s no point crying over things that are already happening, so our company is trying to come up with ways to improve the situation.

1、Shinwa Food is buying ingredients locally in large quantities. Mainly pork belly, chicken, eggs and vegetables. We can supply restaurants with these ingredients more cheaply.

We supply cooked Pork belly Chashu for ramen, but we understand that some restaurants make their own original recipe Chashu in their kitchen.

If we can sell them pork belly for $1 cheaper for every kilogram, it will be a big reduction in cost for them.

2、We will also make and sell certain foods from Japan that can be created with local ingredients, we will try to lower the costs of these foods.

3、This part is probably the hardest. In order for restaurants to survive, they need customers. The effort to lower cost prices is very important but thinking about how to increase the number of customers is equally important. If you were to cut off lots of labour to lower cost and do more work yourself, it will take up your time and limit your ability to think about new ideas.

To minimise labour hours in the restaurants, we recommend the use of our ready-made / ready-to-eat foods and other private label items. We are also willing to suggest new menu items and help restaurants attract more customers.

4、Food wastage is also becoming problematic in many kitchens. But this is unavoidable, as it is so hard to secure new workers and it takes time and effort before they become fully proficient.

But with the usage of private label foods and chilled foods, we can minimise the work load and food wastage in the kitchen without adding complexity to the operation.

We’ve recently bought a freezer truck. For a small company like us, it is a big investment but we’ll work even harder from here onwards to deliver foods directly to our customers.



















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