Our products list

We have recently procured a delivery truck.

We are expanding our direct sales network to customers in the Sydney area.
Here I would like to detail our current product list.

(Frozen Food)
Dashimaki Tamago 500g
Dashimaki Tamago 400g
Atsuyaki Tamago 500g
Kinshi Tamago 250g
Rolled Pork Belly Chashu
Rolled Pork Belly Chashu Large
Japanese Pork Gyoza 50p
Japanese Chicken Gyoza 50p
Japanese Vegetables Gyoza 50p
Teriyaki Chicken 1kg
Chicken Wing Gyoza 3p
Spicy Chicken Bites 1kg
Japanese Fried Chicken 1kg
Japanese Chicken and Pork Meatball 30p
Teriyaki Beef 1kg
Vegetable Curry 2kg
Tomato Sauce 180g
Black Garlic Oil for Ramen 1kg

Dashimaki Tamago
Kinshi Tamago
Pork belly chashu
Pork Gyoza
Chicken wing Gyoza

(Chilled Food)
Soft Boiled Egg 30p
Marinated Soft Boiled Egg 30p

Marinated soft boiled egg

(Fresh Meat)
Pork Belly
Rolled Pork Belly
Pork Collar Butt (Shoulder)
Chicken Breast

600g Cage Egg 180p
700g Cage Egg 180p

(Vegetables and Cut Vegetables)
We can supply according to your needs.

Please contact us for any request, thank you!


出汁巻き玉子 500g
出汁巻き玉子 400g
厚焼き玉子 500g
錦糸玉子 250g
豚バラチャーシュー 大
ポーク餃子 50個入り
チキン餃子 50個入り
野菜餃子  50個入り
照焼きチキン 1kg
手羽先餃子 3個入り
スパイシーチキン唐揚げ 1kg
鶏の唐揚げ 1kg
つくねボール 30個入り
照焼きビーフ 1kg
野菜カレー 2kg
トマトソース 180g

味付け煮卵 30個入り
煮卵 30個入り


600g 180個入り
700g 180個入り



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飲食業に携わって約30年 東京、台湾、マレーシアそして今はシドニーでShinwa Foodという会社を経営しています

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