Rolled Pork Belly for Ramen

We are selling rolled pork belly for ramen chashu.

Fully cooked frozen Chashu is already a very popular item of ours, and we would still like you to try it out.

Pork belly chashu

However, we recommend raw rolled pork belly to customers who prefer to use the broth as a soup base or use their own recipe.

Rolled pork belly

Our pork belly have these advantages:

  1. Lower purchasing cost because of our purchasing power (we buy more than 1 ton a week).
  2. Increased productivity by making a large amount of Chashu at any one time.
  3. High skill level of production staff, and stable supply.

Usually, restaurants have to make do with a lot of preparation time in a limited space.
After processing raw meat, it is necessary to clean and sterilize the cutting board and work bench.

In addition, part-time workers are often replaced, and especially any work using kitchen knives takes time to learn, and rolling pork belly by untrained staff will result in roll shapes and sizes that vary.

Our pork belly rolls can be cooked immediately without using any working space.

We urge you to please try it once; we can deliver directly to you at a very competitive price.

We also sell pork belly to customers who have particular needs regarding the size of the rolled chashu.

We can offer this service at the best price too, taking advantage of our strengths in procurement and high staff skills.











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