About retail services at our restaurant and home delivery

Due to the impacts of the Covid-19, our restaurant is currently open for takeaway services only. We’re so grateful that our restaurant is still able to receive orders through delivery services and on the phone.

This current situation is seeming to last for a while. So as a way to minimise the time and stress thats required for home cooking, we are now selling frozen Japanese foods. These items that we are selling is made in our factory and is used in restaurants all across Australia. They will be available for sale at our restaurant, also free home delivery is available to selected suburbs near our factory.

<list of items>
Pork Gyoza 50 pieces $19
Chicken Gyoza 50 pieces $19
Dashimaki Tamago 500g $5
Teriyaki Chicken 1Kg $16
Chicken Karaage 1Kg $16
Tsukune Balls 30 pieces $20
Pork Belly Chashu 1kg $19
Spicy Chicken Bites 1kg $19
Teba Gyoza 3 pieces $5
Handmade Udon 140g x14 servings $18

This service and prices are only available for a limited time.

新型コロナウィルスによるロックダウンにより当社レストランのIzakaya Gomaにおいてもテイクアウトのみの営業となっています。



ポーク餃子 50個 $19
チキン餃子 50個 $19
出し巻き卵 500g $5
照り焼きチキン 1kg $16
鳥の唐揚げ 1kg $16
つくね 30個 $20
豚バラチャーシュー 1kg $26(1パック 2kg前後)
スパイシーチキンバイト 1kg $19
手羽餃子 3個 $5
手打ちうどん140g x14 $18



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飲食業に携わって約30年 東京、台湾、マレーシアそして今はシドニーでShinwa Foodという会社を経営しています

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