Mentaiko butter Udon(RECIPE)

Home delivery has been quite successful and we’ve been getting many orders.

Pork gyoza, chicken karaage and pumpkin udon has been the popular choice amongst our item list.

I’ve already made a guide on how to cook pork gyoza, so today I will share my Mentaiko butter udon recipe, which is very popular at our restaurant ‘Izakaya Goma‘.

1 serving of pumpkin udon
20g butter
15g Mentaiko
Bit of white sesame
1 egg
5g chopped spring onion
2g chopped nori seaweed

Mentaiko (spicy cod roe)

Step 1

Make hot-spring egg by heating egg at 67˚c for 17 minutes. Then place it in cold water to stop it from overcooking.

Step 2
Prepare water in a pot and bring it to a boil. Then add the pumpkin udon and cook it for 3 minutes.

Loosen up the udon by hand

Step 3
Strain the udon well and mix it with butter and half of mentaiko.

Mix well

Step 4
Plate the udon when its mixed well and then garnish with hotspring egg, white sesame, chopped spring onion and the remainder of mentaiko.

The key part of this recipe is not washing the udon and mixing it with butter and mentaiko when its still warm.

Its one of my favourite recipe so please give it a try.

Mentaiko will be available for purchase on our upcoming online website so no need to stress looking for it.

先日は餃子の焼き方を紹介したので今回は 当社レストランのIzakaya Gomaで大好評の明太子バターうどんの作り方をご紹介します。

カボチャうどん 1玉
バター 20g
明太子 15g
白ごま 少々
温泉卵 1個
万能ネギ 5g
刻み海苔 2g

ステップ 1
ステップ 2
ステップ 3
ステップ 4



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