Braised pork (Kakuni) is a very popular menu in Japanese cuisine.

It is not a very difficult dish to make, but it takes a long time to soften the pork.

Our frozen pork has been simmered for 4 hours, which results in an extremely tender pork.

Today I prepared the Kakuni dish with a hot spring egg that can be easily made in a microwave oven.

Let’s cook together!


1,Thaw the Kakuni.

2,Place raw whole egg onto a small bowl that is compatible with microwave.
Pour water to the top of the egg.
Heat in microwave for 1 minute without wrapping.
Check the condition; and if the egg white is hard, drain the water.
This completes the hot spring egg.

3,Boil hot water in a pan and add a little salt.
Boil bok choy in the water.
Let bok choy cool in a colander.

4,Put the Kakuni bag in a bowl of hot water and warm it up for 5 minutes.
Cut the root part of the bok choy and serve in a serving bowl.

5,Open the Kakuni bag and transfer the meat to a container.
Arrange Kakuni meat in the serving bowl, taking care not to break apart the meat because it is extremely soft.

6,Serve the hot spring egg.
Complete the dish with the Kakuni broth, and it’s done!

This dish is best enjoyed with a side of white rice.

Please try it!


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