Happy new year 2021

2020 has been a tough year.
I sincerely wish that 2021 will be a better year.

However, there is no point in simply wishing. I would like to make 2021 a year in which I will take meaningful, proactive action.

We will focus on developing products that make restaurant management easier, as well as contract manufacturing of original recipes.

Home delivery will be made more convenient for customers on specific areas. They will have the option to have the goods delivered on any day between Mon to Sat.

For customers outside these areas, we plan to serve them by partnering with other companies.

We will actively take action so that we can sell to major supermarkets.

When developing future new products, we will be emphasising on taste and quality, putting food and labor costs as secondary concerns.

In 2021, we endeavor to provide high quality Japanese food that you can conveniently enjoy at home.


Published by shinwafood

飲食業に携わって約30年 東京、台湾、マレーシアそして今はシドニーでShinwa Foodという会社を経営しています

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