Make Japanese Nikujyaga using frozen Wagyu Gyudon.

This time, we will introduce a delicious menu using our frozen Wagyu Gyudon.

Our Wagyu Gyudon is ready to eat by simply heating it up in a microwave and placing it on cooked rice. Today I will add just potatos and make a simple Nikujyaga.

Nikujaga is a popular home-cooked dish in Japan, but the ingredients and seasonings used in each home are different.

For our recipe, the goal is to make it as easy as possible. Let’s start by going through the various ingredients!


1 pack frozen Shinwa Food Wagyu Gyudon
3 medium-sized potatoes
Water 360cc
Add soy sauce and sugar as you like.
Chopped green onions

Cooking procedures:

  1. Thaw the frozen Wagyu Gyudon.
  2. Peel the potatoes, cut them into bite-sized pieces, and soak them in water to remove the lye.
    Put potatoes, water and a little salt in a pan and heat to boil the potatoes.
    Check to ensure the potato is cooked through by piercing a piece with a bamboo skewer; transfer potato onto a colander and leave until it cools.
  3. Place the potatoes flat in a pan and cover with the thawed Wagyu Gyudon. Please add all the broth that comes with the pack.
  4. Add the 360cc water, cover and heat. After boiling, reduce heat to low and simmer for about 10 minutes. At this time, adjust the taste with soy sauce and sugar to your liking.
  5. Turn off heat and let it cool with the lid on.
  6. When it cools, serve it in a bowl and it’s done.

You can add carrots and onions if you like, but be sure to boil them before putting them under the gyudon.

Please try this simple yet delicious meat and potatoes recipe at the convenience at your home! Wagyu Gyudon is available to order online at delivered straight to your door step!


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