You can buy our products in Asian groceries now!

Recently we have started distribution of our frozen Japanese food to select Asian groceries. In Sydney area, you can find “Pork Belly Chashu”, “Pork Gyoza”, “Dashimaki Tamago”, and “Tonkotsu Ramen Set”.In Queensland area, in addition to the above, we are also selling “Pork Belly Kakuni”, “Wagyu Gyudon”, “Chicken Karaage”, and “Teriyaki Chicken”. If you areContinue reading “You can buy our products in Asian groceries now!”

Tamagoyaki Sandwich(RECIPE)

Our Dashimaki Tamago (Japanese-style omelette) is normally used as a sushi ingredients at most sushi restaurants. In Japan however, it is also often used as a side dish for lunch boxes and sandwiches, which are getting more popular these days. Today, I would like to introduce a sandwich using our frozen Dashimaki Tamago. Youtube 1,First,Continue reading “Tamagoyaki Sandwich(RECIPE)”


Braised pork (Kakuni) is a very popular menu in Japanese cuisine. It is not a very difficult dish to make, but it takes a long time to soften the pork. Our frozen pork has been simmered for 4 hours, which results in an extremely tender pork. Today I prepared the Kakuni dish with a hotContinue reading “Pork KAKUNI”


Today, we would like to introduce Ippudo’s Ramen Set. The ramen set is exclusively available for home delivery only at our online shop! First we take a closer look at the Ramen Set. The package is solid with a professional design, as expected from a world-renowned company of Ippudo’s calibre. When you open package, you’llContinue reading “IPPUDO RAMEN KIT”

How to enjoy our Ramen set

We will show you how to enjoy the most popular item at our online shop: our Ramen Set!We have set up a YouTube channel. We will be posting videos along with my blog in the future, please stay tuned! (ingredients) Shinwa Food Pork Belly Chashu Shinwa Food Ramen Soup Shinwa Food Ramen Noodles EggContinue reading “How to enjoy our Ramen set”

new online product(Teriyaki Sauce 1L)

Our online shop has opened.The current product lineup is not enough because it has just started, but we will gradually increase the variety. In this blog, I will post new products and recipes, such as menus that use our products, so please check it out. We are also preparing to publish instructional cooking videos onContinue reading “new online product(Teriyaki Sauce 1L)”

our online shop is now open!

Hi everyone, hope you are keeping well & healthy..!.We are happy to announce that our online shop is now open…!!! 🎉🎉.🚛 Soft launch delivery areas. Mondays = to Chatswood area Thursdays = to Mt Druitt & Hills District.Min. Order = 50.00 AUDFlat delivery fee = 9.00 AUD.🕗 Order cut off time : 8.00PM prior toContinue reading “our online shop is now open!”

How to make Japanese tartare sauce (RECIPE)

Our spicy chicken bite is used as a sandwich filling and is also served as a snack. So today I will share a Japanese tartare sauce recipe which will match well with the spicy chicken bite and also our chicken karaage. The Japanese mayonnaise in this recipe will be available soon on our online shop.Continue reading “How to make Japanese tartare sauce (RECIPE)”

Karaage udon with ponzu thick sauce(RECIPE)

In today’s recipe, we will make a thick sauce using ponzu and pour it over our udon. Ponzu is quite acidic so it’ll be a very refreshing dish. Our udon will stand out more as well in this dish. <Ingredients>100g frozen chicken karaage1 serving of pumpkin udon15g onion slice15 julienne carrot20g bean sprouts7g chopped springContinue reading “Karaage udon with ponzu thick sauce(RECIPE)”

Dashimaki tamago katsu sandwich (RECIPE)

Recently, my friend in Hong Kong sent me a photo of a sandwich with dashimaki tamago katsu in it. I found that interesting so I tried making just the katsu yesterday and tried it with tonkatsu sauce and mayonnaise. It was pretty good so today I bought some bread and recreated the sandwich. (couldn’t sliceContinue reading “Dashimaki tamago katsu sandwich (RECIPE)”