We are starting online store soon

I believe that lots of people are starting to cook at home more frequently due to the covud-19 crisis. For people that are not used to cooking or isn’t very good at cooking, coming up with an everyday menu may not be easy. Most people will go to instantly cooked foods but that gets repetitiveContinue reading “We are starting online store soon”

How to perfectly cook our pumpkin udon

We are introducing steps to perfectly cook and enjoy our pumpkin udon at home. 1. Take the frozen udon out of the freezer and move it to the refrigerator to defrost.2. Prepare a large pot and fill it with plenty of water, then heat it until boiling.3. Loosen up the defrosted udon by hand thenContinue reading “How to perfectly cook our pumpkin udon”

About retail services at our restaurant and home delivery

Due to the impacts of the Covid-19, our restaurant is currently open for takeaway services only. We’re so grateful that our restaurant is still able to receive orders through delivery services and on the phone. This current situation is seeming to last for a while. So as a way to minimise the time and stressContinue reading “About retail services at our restaurant and home delivery”

Rolled Pork Belly for Ramen

We are selling rolled pork belly for ramen chashu. Fully cooked frozen Chashu is already a very popular item of ours, and we would still like you to try it out. However, we recommend raw rolled pork belly to customers who prefer to use the broth as a soup base or use their own recipe.Continue reading “Rolled Pork Belly for Ramen”

Teriyaki Tofu

Our Teriyaki Tofu is most suitable for sushi roll, salad and poke bowl. This is vegan-friendly item, so you can incorporate this into your vegan menu. It is very easy to use: simply defrost in fridge then lightly reheat in microwave or boiling water. Vegan food is in inreasingly high demand in Australia. Please contactContinue reading “Teriyaki Tofu”

Recommended Japanese Dashimaki Tamago Sandwich

There are many cafes in Sydney. We have previously introduced a sandwich using our Dashimaki Tamago in our blog, but now I would recommend it again. Our Dashimaki Tamago is made by hand, not by machine. We use plenty of broth seasoned with bonito (dashi), which makes it sweeter. It is perfect for sushi, sushiContinue reading “Recommended Japanese Dashimaki Tamago Sandwich”

Our products list

We have recently procured a delivery truck. We are expanding our direct sales network to customers in the Sydney area.Here I would like to detail our current product list. (Frozen Food)Dashimaki Tamago 500gDashimaki Tamago 400gAtsuyaki Tamago 500gKinshi Tamago 250gRolled Pork Belly ChashuRolled Pork Belly Chashu LargeJapanese Pork Gyoza 50pJapanese Chicken Gyoza 50pJapanese Vegetables Gyoza 50pTeriyakiContinue reading “Our products list”

Caterling and events food prepare

Our company attended to offer some catering and events food ingredients. Recently we got order and making Japanese agar for dessert. In Sydney have many Japanese dessert cafe and most popular item is Matcha. Many Japanese restaurants using Matcha powder making desserts. Meanwhile a Japanese supplier out of stock Japanese agar then a Japanese cafeContinue reading “Caterling and events food prepare”

Japanese Udon noodle

The news is constantly bad every day, but let’s get over it with positive thinking. Our restaurant, Izakaya Goma, sells handmade pumpkin udon.Many restaurants are using frozen boiled udon noodle from Japan, but I think the Japanese Yen will appreciate (against the Australian Dollar) and hence the price of imported goods will increase in theContinue reading “Japanese Udon noodle”