How to make Japanese tartare sauce (RECIPE)

Our spicy chicken bite is used as a sandwich filling and is also served as a snack. So today I will share a Japanese tartare sauce recipe which will match well with the spicy chicken bite and also our chicken karaage. The Japanese mayonnaise in this recipe will be available soon on our online shop.Continue reading “How to make Japanese tartare sauce (RECIPE)”

Karaage udon with ponzu thick sauce(RECIPE)

In today’s recipe, we will make a thick sauce using ponzu and pour it over our udon. Ponzu is quite acidic so it’ll be a very refreshing dish. Our udon will stand out more as well in this dish. <Ingredients>100g frozen chicken karaage1 serving of pumpkin udon15g onion slice15 julienne carrot20g bean sprouts7g chopped springContinue reading “Karaage udon with ponzu thick sauce(RECIPE)”

Dashimaki tamago katsu sandwich (RECIPE)

Recently, my friend in Hong Kong sent me a photo of a sandwich with dashimaki tamago katsu in it. I found that interesting so I tried making just the katsu yesterday and tried it with tonkatsu sauce and mayonnaise. It was pretty good so today I bought some bread and recreated the sandwich. (couldn’t sliceContinue reading “Dashimaki tamago katsu sandwich (RECIPE)”

Wagyu shabushabu curry udon (RECIPE)

Today’s recipe is a luxurious curry udon, using our pumpkin udon, vegetable curry and wagyu beef slice. It’s easy and delicious so please try it! <Ingredients>180g frozen vegetable curry30ml yamasa kombu tsuyu150ml water1 serving of pumpkin udon150g wagyu beef slice20g chopped spring onion15g pure cream STEP 1 Boil water in a big pot. Separate eachContinue reading “Wagyu shabushabu curry udon (RECIPE)”

Chashu yakisoba (RECIPE)

Today’s recipe is a very special yakisoba (Japanese stir fried noodle) topped with chashu (braised pork belly roll). The key to this recipe is to sear the noodles thoroughly. The ramen noodle in this recipe will be available for purchase once our online store beings. <Ingredients>1 serving of ramen noodle3 slices of chashu30g sesame oil5gContinue reading “Chashu yakisoba (RECIPE)”

Fluffy omurice with curry sauce (RECIPE)

Today’s recipe is a very simple omurice served with our frozen curry. Omurice is a western-influenced Japanese dish consisting of an omelette with rice. It’s usually made using tomato rice but today we will use plain cooked rice. <ingredients>200g cooked rice3 eggs20g butter10g pure creamPinch of salt and pepper200g frozen vegetable curry5 pieces of frozenContinue reading “Fluffy omurice with curry sauce (RECIPE)”

Teriyaki chicken Chirashi Sushi (RECIPE)

Today I will share my Chirashi sushi recipe which uses our factory’s frozen teriyaki chicken and Dashimaki tamago. Unlike regular Chirashi sushi, it doesn’t have any raw fish in it so I highly recommend it to people who can’t eat sashimi or sushi. <Ingredients> 180g short or medium grain rice170ml water20ml sushi vinegar60g teriyaki chicken50gContinue reading “Teriyaki chicken Chirashi Sushi (RECIPE)”

Mentaiko butter Udon(RECIPE)

Home delivery has been quite successful and we’ve been getting many orders. Pork gyoza, chicken karaage and pumpkin udon has been the popular choice amongst our item list. I’ve already made a guide on how to cook pork gyoza, so today I will share my Mentaiko butter udon recipe, which is very popular at ourContinue reading “Mentaiko butter Udon(RECIPE)”

How to perfectly cook our pumpkin udon

We are introducing steps to perfectly cook and enjoy our pumpkin udon at home. 1. Take the frozen udon out of the freezer and move it to the refrigerator to defrost.2. Prepare a large pot and fill it with plenty of water, then heat it until boiling.3. Loosen up the defrosted udon by hand thenContinue reading “How to perfectly cook our pumpkin udon”