Fluffy omurice with curry sauce (RECIPE)

Today’s recipe is a very simple omurice served with our frozen curry. Omurice is a western-influenced Japanese dish consisting of an omelette with rice. It’s usually made using tomato rice but today we will use plain cooked rice. <ingredients>200g cooked rice3 eggs20g butter10g pure creamPinch of salt and pepper200g frozen vegetable curry5 pieces of frozenContinue reading “Fluffy omurice with curry sauce (RECIPE)”

Caterling and events food prepare

Our company attended to offer some catering and events food ingredients. Recently we got order and making Japanese agar for dessert. In Sydney have many Japanese dessert cafe and most popular item is Matcha. Many Japanese restaurants using Matcha powder making desserts. Meanwhile a Japanese supplier out of stock Japanese agar then a Japanese cafeContinue reading “Caterling and events food prepare”

Delivery lunch Box in Mount Druitt

Delivery Japanese lunch box in Mt Druitt. We are operating Japanese food company in Mt Druitt and we are doing Japanese lunch box catering on weekdays. Our lunch box price are quite reasonable. Please see the menu! <All bento boxes come with instant miso soup> How to Order: • Delivery available Monday to Friday, fromContinue reading “Delivery lunch Box in Mount Druitt”


ラーメンのトッピングで外せないのが半熟にゆでた煮卵ですよね。 家庭で4、5個ゆでて作るのは意外と簡単ですが、200個、300個作るとなると結構大変です。 たっぷりのお湯で泳がせるようにゆでないと卵黄が寄ってしまったり白身のゆで加減にムラができて殻を剥く時に壊れてしまいます。 当社は2015年よりシドニーでゆで卵、煮卵の販売をしています。 もちろんNSWの玉子加工に必要なライセンスも取得しています。 お客様のご要望に合わせて味付けができます。もちろん当社オリジナルレシピでのご提供もできます。 ご興味のあるある方は是非ご連絡ください。 無料サンプルお届けいたします。