New Year 2021 Special Promotion!

Less-Than-Perfect Pork Gyoza is back, yours for only $10! We want to extend many thanks to all of you, our loyal customers, who carried us safely into 2021. As a token of gratitude, 50 pieces of Less-Than-Perfect Pork Gyoza, which were extremely popular during the last promotion, is now back on sale for only $10 perContinue reading “New Year 2021 Special Promotion!”

How to Cook the Perfect Japanese Dumplings

I have briefly explained how to cook our Japanese pork dumplings before, but this time I will introduce it in greater detail. First, let’s talk about the difference between Japanese dumplings and Chinese dumplings. The typical Chinese dumplings are “water” dumplings, so the skin is thick and the texture is chewy.In Japan, dumplings that areContinue reading “How to Cook the Perfect Japanese Dumplings”

Our products list

We have recently procured a delivery truck. We are expanding our direct sales network to customers in the Sydney area.Here I would like to detail our current product list. (Frozen Food)Dashimaki Tamago 500gDashimaki Tamago 400gAtsuyaki Tamago 500gKinshi Tamago 250gRolled Pork Belly ChashuRolled Pork Belly Chashu LargeJapanese Pork Gyoza 50pJapanese Chicken Gyoza 50pJapanese Vegetables Gyoza 50pTeriyakiContinue reading “Our products list”

improve the situation.

8th of March 2020, Australia is still suffering from the negative repercussions of last years’ drought, bushfire, and the ongoing threat of COVID-19. I am thinking about the future and I what I have to do. List of negative repercussions: 1、Food cost prices are rising. 2、Import food prices are rising from the strong yen andContinue reading “improve the situation.”

$3.9 Gyoza 復活!

8月9日 昨日に引き続き強風 本日よりIzakaya Goma Maroubra にて$3.9餃子が復活します。 五周年記念のスペシャル価格でやってたのですがあまりにも好評のため復活いたしました。 オーストラリアの餃子需要はとても高く、昨日他社様の出荷数を聞いてショックを受けました。 当社のシェアは1%未満です、、、 少しでも多くのお客様に当社の味を知っていただけるよう努力しようと思います。

Delivery lunch Box in Mount Druitt

Delivery Japanese lunch box in Mt Druitt. We are operating Japanese food company in Mt Druitt and we are doing Japanese lunch box catering on weekdays. Our lunch box price are quite reasonable. Please see the menu! <All bento boxes come with instant miso soup> How to Order: • Delivery available Monday to Friday, fromContinue reading “Delivery lunch Box in Mount Druitt”

Thank(3) you(9) Gyoza

Maroubra の Izakaya Gomaにてオープン5周年記念で焼き餃子5個入りを サンキュウ価格 $3.9 にて提供させていただいております。 シドニーで一番安いのではないでしょうか?他に安いお店があったらすみません、、、 先日はテイクアウトで15人前いっぺんにご注文いただきました。 期間限定で考えていますが大好評につきやれる限り続けたいと思います! Shinwa Foofの工場直送だから実現できる価格です。 是非ご利用ください!