Make Japanese Nikujyaga using frozen Wagyu Gyudon.

This time, we will introduce a delicious menu using our frozen Wagyu Gyudon. Our Wagyu Gyudon is ready to eat by simply heating it up in a microwave and placing it on cooked rice. Today I will add just potatos and make a simple Nikujyaga. Nikujaga is a popular home-cooked dish in Japan, but theContinue reading “Make Japanese Nikujyaga using frozen Wagyu Gyudon.”

New Year 2021 Special Promotion!

Less-Than-Perfect Pork Gyoza is back, yours for only $10! We want to extend many thanks to all of you, our loyal customers, who carried us safely into 2021. As a token of gratitude, 50 pieces of Less-Than-Perfect Pork Gyoza, which were extremely popular during the last promotion, is now back on sale for only $10 perContinue reading “New Year 2021 Special Promotion!”

Happy new year 2021

2020 has been a tough year.I sincerely wish that 2021 will be a better year. However, there is no point in simply wishing. I would like to make 2021 a year in which I will take meaningful, proactive action. We will focus on developing products that make restaurant management easier, as well as contract manufacturingContinue reading “Happy new year 2021”

You can buy our products in Asian groceries now!

Recently we have started distribution of our frozen Japanese food to select Asian groceries. In Sydney area, you can find “Pork Belly Chashu”, “Pork Gyoza”, “Dashimaki Tamago”, and “Tonkotsu Ramen Set”.In Queensland area, in addition to the above, we are also selling “Pork Belly Kakuni”, “Wagyu Gyudon”, “Chicken Karaage”, and “Teriyaki Chicken”. If you areContinue reading “You can buy our products in Asian groceries now!”


Braised pork (Kakuni) is a very popular menu in Japanese cuisine. It is not a very difficult dish to make, but it takes a long time to soften the pork. Our frozen pork has been simmered for 4 hours, which results in an extremely tender pork. Today I prepared the Kakuni dish with a hotContinue reading “Pork KAKUNI”

new online product(Teriyaki Sauce 1L)

Our online shop has opened.The current product lineup is not enough because it has just started, but we will gradually increase the variety. In this blog, I will post new products and recipes, such as menus that use our products, so please check it out. We are also preparing to publish instructional cooking videos onContinue reading “new online product(Teriyaki Sauce 1L)”

Dashimaki tamago katsu sandwich (RECIPE)

Recently, my friend in Hong Kong sent me a photo of a sandwich with dashimaki tamago katsu in it. I found that interesting so I tried making just the katsu yesterday and tried it with tonkatsu sauce and mayonnaise. It was pretty good so today I bought some bread and recreated the sandwich. (couldn’t sliceContinue reading “Dashimaki tamago katsu sandwich (RECIPE)”


日帰り弾丸出張で営業に来てます。 帰りの空港での待ち時間でブログを更新します。 今回は当社にとっては超大型契約が取れるチャンス。張り切って行ってまいりました。 結果は全体の20%契約取れそうな感じです。 シドニー戻って再度良い提案ができるように準備します。 あまり元気のない飲食業ですがこのお客様は凄まじい勢いで伸びてます。 当社は日本食サプライヤー様に納品させて頂いておりますが、ブリズベン結構今熱いようです。 今後も日帰り弾丸ツアー決行します。

Thank(3) you(9) Gyoza

Maroubra の Izakaya Gomaにてオープン5周年記念で焼き餃子5個入りを サンキュウ価格 $3.9 にて提供させていただいております。 シドニーで一番安いのではないでしょうか?他に安いお店があったらすみません、、、 先日はテイクアウトで15人前いっぺんにご注文いただきました。 期間限定で考えていますが大好評につきやれる限り続けたいと思います! Shinwa Foofの工場直送だから実現できる価格です。 是非ご利用ください!