Recommended Japanese Dashimaki Tamago Sandwich

There are many cafes in Sydney. We have previously introduced a sandwich using our Dashimaki Tamago in our blog, but now I would recommend it again.

Our Dashimaki Tamago is made by hand, not by machine. We use plenty of broth seasoned with bonito (dashi), which makes it sweeter.

It is perfect for sushi, sushi roll, and bento box. If you heat it up slightly, it will become fluffy and more delicious.

I highly recommend sandwiches made with our Dashimaki Tamago.

Lightly toast a soft bread, and coat it with butter, mustard, mayonnaise. Cut the Dashimaki Tamago into the size of the bread and place it into the sandwich.

It is a popular sandwich in Japan, but we don’t often see it in Sydney.

Dashimaki Tamago made with plenty of dashi broth is very difficult to make, so please try our Dashimaki Tamago.







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